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So I always get people asking me- “why do you listen to metal?”

They find it bizarre that an introverted girl like me listens to this supposedly “violent” and “satanic” genre of music. They ask- “do you think it makes you cool? Who’re you trying to impress?”

And I finally figured out how to answer:

Metal is not about violence. Metal is not about worshipping satan, and it is not about being emotionless and cruel.

Metal does not discriminate. Metal does not care if you’re male, female, gay, straight, bi, short, skinny, tall, fat, white, black, or anywhere in between. With metal, it’s just about the music. Neither age nor appearance affect how big of a fanbase metal bands have. Look at Black Sabbath- they’ve been playing since the sixties and they still do live shows, and are always met with thousands of screaming fans. 

Metal is about acceptance. It’s about staying true to yourself and not giving a fuck what other people think of you. I’d also like to share that I’ve not met a single metalhead (in real life or on tumblr) who’s rude or obnoxious in any way. 

So for any metalheads reading this, you guys are fucking amazing, and some of the best people I’ve ever met. 

To everyone else- Really hope you see us for the people we actually are, and not the aggressive and unpleasant people we are made out to be. 

Rock on \m/

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